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Top 5 Takeaway Coffee places to try during Lockdown in Melbourne

Melbourne is renown for its amazing coffee culture. It's become the capital for one of the best coffees in the world! So as you'd expect, we now only expect the best quality coffee. Yes, we are coffee snobs and proud.

It has become a daily routine for many Melbournians to grab a coffee first thing as they wake up, during their day, or on their way to work. I'm not going to lie, I definitely am one of them. I love grabbing a coffee first thing in the morning when waking up - my boyfriend is usually the one grabbing them- but needless to say, I still anxiously wait until he gets back. Unfortunately COVID has restricted our movements to 5km radius- but that hasn't stopped me from venturing within my radius. I've compiled my TOP 5 take-away coffee places in Carlton-Fitzroy that has kept my caffeine addiction at bay during these 200+ days of lockdown.

1- Fledgling Espresso

I may be a bit bias with Fledgling. I've definitely become a regular during lockdown and it has never disappointed! Honestly, superb coffee. It's always a plus when the baristas are lovely + remember your name!

2- Blonde Food + Drinks

Blonde has also treated me well during lockdown last year- if you're wanting to change things up a bit, they also make a mean Chai Latte.

3- Market Lane

Their coffee isn't just great, but it's seasonal too. So we get the best of what's on offer - and it is exquisite.

4- Wolfhound on Brunswick

A new local in Fitzroy! They opened amidst all the crazy of COVID and our plenty lockdowns (I've lost count). I first went there to support local, and they have not let me down! I also quite like their quirky interior design. Best part? They've got boardgames and a fireplace! What's not to love?

5- Babajan

Okay, so not only is this one of my top coffee places in the area - but they are a Middle Eastern bakery too. LOVE. My partner and I always end up leaving with more than just our coffees...


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