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My thoughts on turning 25

As I stared at myself in the mirror after a nice steamy hot shower, I move closer to my reflection and brush my hand over some very subtle fine lines I noticed here and there. I look up as I run my fingers through my hair and notice a grey strand that stood out from my dark brown locks and immediately search for my tweezers to pluck it out. Then it hit me. I'm turning 25 in a month.


In all honesty, I never struggled with the idea of ageing. However, I've always been one to vigorously follow a skin-care routine. Taking care of my skin has been something I've been taught since my first pimple appeared at the mere age of 12. Never thought much of it. It was routine, like brushing your teeth. To clarify as well, my interest in skin-care was never to prevent wrinkles but simply to prevent pimples. My mum is such a KA-WEEN for teaching me early on the best ways to prevent breakouts because HONEY, my glasses slide down my nose- that's how oily my skin can be. Dear Lord Almighty, if I didn't have my mama there when I hit puberty, and all them hormones were rushing through my body with no guidance on skin-care-

I don't even want to think about.

So, growing up I've always been on the staunch for new products that 'vitalise and hydrate' the skin. You know, for a smooth, supple and dewy complexion. I'm such a sucker for that crap.

However, although I've always been numero uno for skincare, lately, I can't help but glance over the"anti-wrinkle" or "wrinkle-preventing"creams every now and again. I'm sure some of you may have done this too. Y'know just out out of curiosity.

And I mean, can you really blame us for even considering it when there are so many brands out there targeting 'ageing' as a selling point. 'Reduces fine-lines,' 'youth activating serum,' "plumps the skin to minimise the appearance of wrinkles,' 'reduces puffy eyes.' God forbid we age.

And when big companies like Dior put a 25 year old wrinkle-free supermodel like Cara Delevingne as the face of their new 'anti-ageing' cream- like what do you expect? As I recall,

"to those who haven’t yet given thought to wrinkle-preventing regimes, aiming to delay any signs of ageing even before they appear.”


Our visual interactions with TV commercials, ads on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are all of beautiful young women selling skin-care products. Which is fine, until they are the faces of anti-ageing products. It's just so unrealistic and unfair for all those in the older age group, but also gives such a negative perspective on ageing to young women. These ads in essence attract consumers on elements of sensuality and the longevity of young bodies. A classic capitalistic move to sell and mask the visibility of 'old' concurrently.

Our society worships youth AND endorses unrealistic beauty standards. shocker. So, although previously ageing wasn't something that necessarily bothered me, and I'm sure a lot of you women out there feel the same way; I can't help but eye out these products (I told you I was a sucker). I mean, when have you ladies ever heard a woman be called a "silver fox?"

I didn't think so.

So, how do I feel about turning 25?

Well, what I'm hearing is that on top of women dealing with sexism and discrimination, there's ageism waiting for us around the corner. Yeah, okay. So, don't mind me while I go have my quarter-life crisis now.

Kidding. Bit of mixed-feelings, is all. Purely because of this toxic culture that society and the beauty industry is a part of. I just started questioning why I was even considering purchasing these products at 24. Bit ridiculous to some, but there are so many young women and men taking 'preventative measures' such as botox in their early 20's. It's just the society we're in right now.

Maybe Dior should take some lessons from Allure and Helen Mirren #queen

However, I've decided that the world isn't going to end when you turn 25 (obvi). Rather, it will only get better from here (It shouldn't be all about how we look, guys). We should all start following women like Lyn Slater and read her blog Accidental Icon. She is such a QUEEN! Funny, and relatable. She gives no f*cks about getting older and uses her platform to start a dialogue in re-shaping society's views on beauty, ageing and fashion. Love, love, love.

What I'll be doing at 25? Drinking more wine and caring less!

We're still in lockdown here in Melbourne so you can't judge me.



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