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How I'm keeping sane during lockdown

Going a tad crazy? Of course you do, Melbourne's on their 6th lockdown!! Don't worry, we're all on the same boat! I'll be sharing the top 5 things I'm doing to keep relatively sane during this pandemic.

Willy living his best life in lockdown

Look, I get it. It's not easy what we're going through.This global pandemic is taking a toll on everybody's mental health. Our government has been flirting with the idea of reopening Melbourne on and off for the past year and half. Hell, we even got a tease of what it felt like for a bit, a little nibble one might say. We've been getting our hopes up, imagining our lives going back to normal only for them to get abruptly crushed by another snap lockdown. There goes another birthday in the confinement of my home. Sad reacts only.

It's been draining every bit of motivation to keep healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. However, that's more of a reason to keep ourselves stimulated! The last thing we want is to get stuck in a rut of negativity and self-pity. No thanks. SO,

Here are the 5 things I'm doing during lockdown:

1- Setting a routine

I'll spare you the boring details on why setting a routine is important. I'm sure we've all read some very enlightening in-depth self-care blog that talks all about the psychology behind it. I'm not going to do that. Whilst I would love to go through it with y'all, I have to practise what I preach first.

I've always struggled to follow a routine. It made me feel restricted. If I slept in and woke up at 12pm instead of my usual 10am, or skipped the gym, had late lunch, didn't walk the dogs at 10.30am, I'd feel so guilty. I'd beat myself up for it. Kind of like being on a really strict diet- you've been doing so well, and then you go ahead and eat that Krispy Kreme donut that's been starring at you for a whole 10 minutes. The guilt starts rushing in, flooding your brain with self-hating comments of how much you suck and what a failure you are. So, then, after much self-reflection, trying to convince yourself that maybe your life is too unpredictable for a 'routine,' you're like fuck it. Let's just start again on Monday. The vicious cycle begins.

HOWEVER, that's why I've been taking lockdown by the balls and making it my bitch.

Yes. Lockdown has literally given me no excuse to not follow a routine. Where am I gonna go? Who am I gonna see? We can't do anything right now. There is no unpredictability in my life. It's literally all but predictable. So, why not make a 'routine' out of it, ey. It takes 21 days to make a habit, and we've been in this lockdown for the majority of this year. So what the hell am I waiting for?! I've been working on shutting away Negative Nancy, and bringing forward Positive Polly. So, we're taking it slow.

  • I've started by setting an alarm in the morning, 8.30am to be precise. Anything earlier than that was not realistic for me. Baby steps. This got me all kinds of tired by 10.30/11pm which was perfect. Surely enough, now I sometimes wake up before my alarm! (On occasion, but we're being positive, remember). Other times, I stay in bed for another 30 minutes and eventually get up at 9am for a coffee or green tea, whatever floats my boat that day.

My Babies
  • I then feed my dogs, and off we go for our nice morning walk. This does, however, depend on the weather. Now, before you give me shit, my two very spoilt miniature dachshunds don't like the rain. Now let me tell you, we keep our sliding door to our courtyard open at all times. If it's raining, they'll REFUSE to go outside to do their business. Sometimes, we don't even have to look out the window or check the forecast, if we stepped on pee - we know it's raining. I mean, the poor things are practically dragging their bodies on the ground, it's so fair enough.

  • I'll cook up some breakfast- sit my ass down and scroll through emails and then do research for my blog.

While this might not seem much to a lot of you, it's actually improved my mood by quite a bit. Waking up early, getting out of the house, taking in that vitamin D, seeing my dogs enjoy themselves too and then doing whatever I wanted for the rest of the day has been liberating. It's made me feel accomplished because I set realistic and easy goals for myself. I hope to integrate exercise in the near future, but I'm wanting to solidify this new routine for a bit longer and then kickstart a fitness journey. Until we go back to normality, I'll be working on this routine, and then we'll reassess.

2) Trying new things! because, why not?!

Look, we don't have many options here, so why not give something you wouldn't normally do a crack?

Having that long break from working in hospitality had my nails growin' so healthy! I was ecstatic, but I had no where to go to get them looking phresh like they deserved. So, I took matters into my own hands, hopped onto Ebay and ordered myself some polygel, gel polish set, UV light, manicure set- you name it!

Yennie's Nail Salon was in business! This honestly kept me so entertained. I spent too much time watching tutorials, reading up on tips and tricks and a lot of trial and error. You know what? By the time lockdown is over, this could be saving me hundreds of dollars at the nail salon- I like to say it was an investment.

3) Keeping contact with friends

For all you introverts, lockdown might have been a walk in the park at the start, but I'm sure you're just about over it now. Checking up on my friends has been so important in keeping sane. Although there's not much to catch up on per se, they still never stop at making me laugh. Keeping in touch even by sending a simple text, FB message, or dm on insta can really change someone's day. So pick up that phone and annoy your friend who I'm sure is so busy.

Also, Organise a zoom session with your pals, crack open a bottle of wine and get some games going! This is definitely on my list of things to do soon! So if you guys have any suggestions on a game, hit me up!!

4) Trying out new cafes!

My partner and I have been a little obsessed with coffee and pastries this lockdown. While I've been trying to reduce the intake of caffeine, (not cut it completely because how can I deny myself the beautiful life pleasure of Melbourne coffee) It's actually given us a really cool reason to leave the house and explore new cafes around town! (within the km restrictions in VIC ofc). So, when we go for our walks with the dogs, we try and make some effort to venture about new locations. Our fave coffee place so far is Fledgling Espresso on Rathdowne Street. Best. Oat. Lattes.

They even got a mention on Urban List if you want to check it out.

Our other fave little place that got us drooling over their (MASSIVE) sausage rolls and vanilla slice is French Lettuce on Nicholson Street. Honestly, if you haven't tried their vanilla slice, you're missing out on life.

5) Baking!

Everyone who know me knows I don't cook. I just don't find any interest or joy in cooking. Bit ironic if you ask me; You'd think I would've learnt a thing or two when your mum's a chef. She tried, I'll give her that (I know how to make garlic rice).

BUT, baking is a whole different box of chocolates- I've had so much fun trying out new recipes! Not gonna lie, they haven't always come out like the picture, but I never said I was good at it. The boys (My partner and our room mate) have been super supportive of my trial and errors (poor buggers). I would share a piccy, but they haven't really been aesthetically pleasing... maybe next time.



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