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Fun things to do in Melbourne during lockdown

If you landed here, you’ve probably ran out of things to do- join the club!

We’ve had it rough here in Melbourne. We’re well into 200+ days of lockdown (I’ve lost count, honestly) and I think it’s fair to say that we may have lost a few screws up there along the way. We’ve been confined for so long and with not being able to see our friends and family- I may have gone a tad crazy as the rest of Melbourne. On the bright side, restrictions are slowly easing and we can finally start enjoying the small pleasures of life we weren’t able to before! Here are a few fun activities you can do inside and outside your home.

1) Picnics

Yes people! We can finally sit down and have a picnic with one other person not from your household. Not to say I got tired of seeing my boyfriend and roommates' faces literally 24/7, but I think it’s safe to say it’s refreshing to see old faces again. So, praise the COVID gods, or actually - more of a shout-out to all you vaccinated people out there allowing this to happen just a tad faster. So, go grab yourselves a nice charcuterie platter, a cheese selection from your local coles, hummus, maybe chuck some olives in there too and enjoy our beautiful spring sun at a park close to you!

2) Merri Creek

Can't stop a man with a mission

If you want a change of scenery, Merri Creek won’t disappoint. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and cardio! If you have a dog, take them there! My little sausages loved their long walk and enjoyed sniffing everything. Put some headphones on, grab a couple of snacks, your water bottle, and enjoy a beautiful walk down a nature strip in the big city. You won’t regret it, and your dogs will love you for it! - Hell you can make a day out of it

3) Edinburgh gardens

Isn't he just so handsome

One of my favorite parks in Melbourne! I go there often with my dogs, but I honestly enjoy the vibrance and energy of everyone there. There are people exercising in the oval, playing soccer, going for runs- and of course, I love watching all the dogs zoom around, having the best time. It just makes me happy all around. It’s also a great place to picnic too! But I would nestle down here under a tree with a nice book, some iced coffee and honestly just let my mind wonder. I would sometimes get so absorbed into the book I’m reading- and other times, I end up listening to podcasts and people-watch.

4) DIY Cocktails!

You guys, the internet is at our disposal!! What better time right now than to practise your cocktail making skills and enjoy every sip without the guilt of responsibilities hovering over us. Pinterest is full of blogs that show you simple and easy cocktails to make! So why not treat yourself to a nice Kiwi mojito? and if you live with roommates, why not make a day out of it together! Get some tunes, cook up a feast and get your bartending game on. The weather is turning in our favour right now, so let’s make the most of it!

You can start by having a look at @cocktails_australia who does really yummy cocktails and also sometimes shares the specs!

5) Case File Game

Get your ass to Amazon right now and get yourself a case file game! They vary in price, I’m assuming on how big and complex the case is. I ordered mine a week or so ago. I got the unsolved cold case of Harmony Ashcroft. It was about $46.

It arrived in a zip lock bag with big bold writing that said 'EVIDENCE - Authorised personnel only'. The little girl inside me that was obsessed with Law & Order and Cold Case was screaming.

Inside was a nice thick folder with newspaper articles, proper photos of the crime scene, a map, mug shots, witness statements, suspect interrogations etc. A detectives dream. They tell you what you have to solve first in order to open an envelope with extra evidence that will assist you in the next step of your investigation. My boyfriend and I were at it for FOUR hours, with a bottle or two of wine, of course. You can do this by yourself, or with as many people as you'd like. Such a good purchase! I think they’re also selling it at Target now.


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