About me 

A bit about me? I'm a 20-something year old writing about shit she loves.  

I've never been able to stick to one thing. Hobbies, sports, music, you name it. I enjoy everything- in phases. One minute I'm into Paramore, next thing T Swizzle comes along with Love Song. 

One minute my little 5.2' ass is all about shooting hoops, next thing I'm picking up Nan's crochet magazines and online shopping at Spotlight for cotton string balls. 

Whilst I would've loved to stick to one thing just to stop my parents from bitching about it, my brain just couldn't handle that kind of pressure, you know what I mean?

SO, here I am. After completing a bachelors of International Studies and still stuck in hospo (no shade) I am doing something I genuinely enjoy. Writing. For women, men, everyone. About anything and everything.

Yennie From The Block